The system wouldn not be complete without the right hardware. Below we have put together some of the most popular equipment needed.


Yes, you need a desktop computer. Not just any computer will do however. It must be a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. For best performance it should have a dual-core processor at 2.0GHz or better and a minumum of 4GB RAM.

While a laptop can work, the smaller screens with lower resolution are not the best option. The software works best with 19 inch to 24 inch monitors with resolution of 1440x900 or better. Speak with your representative for questions regarding the best computer option.

ID Scanner

The ID Scanner, while not necessary, can help speed up the process of completing your tickets. Unless you have fantastic typing skills, manually entering all the information can become a tedious task.

In addition to entering information, the process of obtaining an image of the ID is also necessary. This hardware takes care of both those tasks at the push of a button.


Almost any simple webcam will work. We have tested many different brands and models. The webcam, simply put, allows you to photograph your sellers with ease.

Receipt Printer

Not all receipt printers are created equal. We have used several brands in the past and have our favorites, however, you can use almost any receipt printer that can be attached to your computer's USB port.

Signature Pad

Electronic or digital signatures are becoming increasingly popular. Signature pads are an optional addition that allows you to obtain the signature of your sellers from within the system. For those interested in this option, be sure to speak with your representative as not all signature pads will work.

Additional options are available such as fingerprint scanning, check printers, surveillance system integration and more. Contact your authorized representative for a free consultation and demo.